16 Dec 2013

PT. Bina Pertiwi Donate a Komatsu Forklift

Improving the quality of education can not be separated from the availability of adequate educational facilities to support the learning process. There are many schools that have a high potential to educate students to excel but has many obstacles in providing a complete education facilities. The high cost of education and lower educational equity opportunities in Indonesia caused a lot of people who do not have access to a good education.
On the basis of these ideas and the spirit of concern and determination to continue to improve the quality of education in Indonesia, on Friday December 13, 2013 held at the Meeting Room Workshop Services PT. Bina Pertiwi, held a handover grant FD25T Komatsu Forklift-16 to the SMK Kusuma Margoyoso Pati. Giving props such practice is a form of corporate social responsibility in education in order to improve the competence of students and supporting teaching and learning in vocational Kusuma Margoyoso Starch.
Transfer report was signed by the President Director of PT. Bina Pertiwi, Mr.. Bugie Lakshman and Principal SMK Kesuma Margoyoso Pati, Mr.. Susanto witnessed by the board of directors, management and employees of PT. Bina Pertiwi and chairman of the foundation, the ranks of the teachers and staff of SMK Kusuma Margoyoso Pati.
In his speech, the President Director of PT. Bina Pertiwi, Mr.. Bugie Lakshman said that the company is committed to contribute to the education world. "Komatsu Forklift Grant is one of the company's commitment to participate in developing the quality of education in vocational Pati especially in the field of Engineering Equipment since there is often a gap between the needs of the Industrial World quality human resources, the company saw the need to join in order to build a quality education creating a young generation ready to use and has quality skills as expected by the industry ".
PT. Bina Pertiwi since 2012 has formed a partnership in the area of CSR education with vocational Kesuma Margoyoso Pati, particularly in the Vocational Technical Studies Program Equipment. Cooperation programs that have been implemented include curriculum development skills program heavy equipment, training of teacher competence in Bina Pertiwi Training Center as well as industry practices for students heavy equipment mechanics program expertise. PT. Bina Pertiwi is committed to continue to contribute to education in order to support the sustainability and success of quality education in Indonesia. (dsl)


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